Thursday, 18 July 2019

Problem With Echo Feet

Well, it pays to pay attention...

Was looking again at the alignment issue of my circles on my little baby quilt. I am doing circles in a defined 1in space using one of my echo feet (3/8in). Was actually doing another section of the sashing and started to watch the needle very closely as it went around the circle and I finally saw what was happening...
Can you see it?....the needle is not entered at all, in fact it is decidedly off. So unscrewed it and re-screwed it, but no matter how much I tried, could not get the needle to sit in the centre. Also discovered that the foot very snugly fitted against the needle bar.
In fact it is almost hitting it. Tried the bigger echo foot
Also just about hitting the needle bar! 

Had never noticed this before and am a bit horrified....then tried my other feet
No, all good... I was relieved at that.

Will go to my HQ group on Saturday and will take the echo feet in, so that it can be tried on their machines and see what they say. I dare say that this is not alright. Bit embarrassing really as I had these feet for a while and only have noticed now! 



  1. Oh, ich habe die auch. Das werde ich bei mir auch prüfen ... so Was darf ja eigentlich nicht passieren.
    Liebe Grüße

  2. I haven't bought any of those specialty feet but would like to in the future. I'll keep your problem in mind and try to avoid it, if possible. I'm not sure all these feet are worth it!


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