Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Taking Shape

Definitely over-blogging on my funky Bird Quilt, however this is all I have been working on in the last week while on leave.

This is how far I got

The circles are probably the hardest part to get exactly into the two echo lines...a bit of  a headache at times as my piecing is not that great. The block should be exactly 8in, but of course, it is not, hence to fit 8 circles in an orderly way into the sashing is a bit of a challenge. I ended up not only drawing a centre line but also marked every 1in spot to get a sense of when I was out. Sometimes then I did a bit of a side step with the needle and made them slightly overlap to hit the next mark properly. Definitely some patience required!
Also did some more ditch quilting inside the 'foot' shape (the part that I missed before), so that the area was not puffing out. Stitched this with invisible thread first and then followed my stitching path diagram with the white thread. So a bit of extra work.
For the bird background I chose simple swirls...had a laugh at myself as they all look a bit different...found it hard to work out how to exactly swirl around the bird as there was not a lot of room on the sides, so a lot of improvisation going on. Never mind, looks great!
Initially I was also going to take the circles into the very small border to mirror the sashings. However, again the accuracy is slightly out and I would not be able to achieve a 1/4in echo on both sides, so I will probably just do lines in there to finish it off.

Well, I must say, this is most enjoyable...learning heaps about the rulers and also about the Sweet 16, i.e. which foot to use when, how to use the invisible thread and what speed works best for what part. Next time maybe I should go for a different colour thread. Have the hardest time seeing the white thread on the white background. Great for hiding those little glitches, but not great for the eyes.

No more photos now until it is finished!

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  1. Karin, I am so so so very in love with this cute little bird quilt. It is whimsical, happy, and makes me smile!

  2. You're doing a terrific job quilting this quilt. It's charming.

  3. First, I have to say I love the blocks: so darn cute!. And the hard part is your wonderful quilting. It looks just fantastic. I need to work at those rulers, too. But I just haven't gotten to it!

  4. Hi Karen, I really love your quilt and the quilting. It's just so happy and sweet! If you can, please link up to Free Motion Quilting this week. We'd love to have you join the fun!

  5. This is super cute and those circles look beautiful.

  6. This is just the sweetest. I love everything about your quilt - the whimsy, the colours and the quilting. It's going to be really lovely.

  7. Looks absolutely adorable to me!

  8. Hi Karen! You did a fabulous job on this quilt. I think your quilting is spectacular. The circles are in a sashing strip? All I can say is WOW. I really love this. ~smile~ Roseanne


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